Have you Been Nominated for the Oscars Yet?

If you have, you understand how important it is to look good on the red carpet.how to tone your butt

If you haven't that's okay, neither have I, but looking good is important to feeling good about yourself.

The 6 Day Supermodel SlimDown Plan is created to enhance the Brazil Butt Lift workout. Following an eating program specifically created to maximize how your body is burning fat and fuel will help you look better faster and feel better about yourself quicker.

This plan gives you choices of different meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 100 calorie snacks. You get to mix and match the foods you like, making it easier to follow for 6 days. No one wants to follow a program with foods they don't like.

This plan is not for you to follow indefinitely, just for the 6 days.

Now, you can also talk to a nutritionist about the workouts you are doing and he or she can help you put together a good eating plan just for you. There are also groups to join that can give advice about what to eat for weight loss such as Weight Watchers.

I have found that this plan works and I don't need the outside world to help,  although Leandro has set up a 24 hour help line for you to call and ask questions or ask for support with the program.

There are a few tips that may help you keep on track and lose weight faster, such as food combinations.

When you are trying to tone and sculpt your body there are different foods you should be eating. We all should know about the no-no's such as sugar, processed foods, high fats, and anything fried. Protein and carb ratios are important so make sure you look into what will work for you.

Brazil Butt Lift has 24 hour online support to answer any questions.





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