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Here are two systems that are touted as great butt builders, help you tighten, tone and lose weight in your lower body areas.

Each system has a different way to complete what they say is true. You will see honest similarity within each program.

Each program comes with 3 discs that are geared for sculpting, cardio and toning.

Both systems even have a similar lose weight faster in a 6 to 7 day period of time information pamphlet.

Brazil Butt Lift 4.3 stars

Leandro Carvahlo's Brazil Butt Lift was formulated with women in mind. Women kept asking him for help with lower body issues like toning and butt lifting. He answered by putting together a DVD system that you can do out of your own home. Supermodels and women all over the world have been using Brazil butt Lift to look great and feel great! Uses Brazil dance moves and exercises to achieve results and a proven TriAngle Training method.
Some comments are great workout, really feel it and can be hard to follow for beginners.





Tiddals I tried it today after it came in the mail and the dvd's are easy to go along with tough but fun.

Jomiester I ordered this for my wife at her request. She's been doing the workouts for a couple of weeks, and already seeing results. According to her the workouts are tough, and unlike the P90X dvd's there are really no breaks in these workouts.

Reese This is amazing! A co-worker bought it and loved it so I tried it. It's definitely a good workout and the best thing is that it's fun to do. results come rather quickly when you pair with the meal plan that comes with it too!


Yoga Booty Ballet Workout 3.9 stars

With Teigh and Gillian's ABC training technique, you will find yourself working your Abs, lifting your Booty, and doing fat-melting Cardio in every session! Using Yoga and ballet moves for toning along with some Latin dance moves. Some comments are feel so long and lean, don't feel like I am working out and its just not a strong enough workout.





Andrea C. Doing the Yoga Booty Ballet program, I lost 20 pounds in just 2 months. And it was fun and doable, and it wasn’t intimidating to me.

Dorie W. The greatest feeling was to actually ask for a size 6, put it on, and feel like this is my size.

Molly L. With Yoga Booty Ballet, I lost 85 pounds. It’s amazing to feel like I’m sexy. I can turn heads. I set my goals, and I did it.

Both set of training discs are similar, one does have a slightly better rating then the other, do to personal preferences. If you have any questions about any of the programs please feel free to contact me.


Happy Fitness!





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