Tone Your Booty With Brazil Butt Lift



Let me make it clear which lift we are talking about. Not the one that requires surgery. I think diet and exercise should always be our first option, after that, well that's between you and your doctor.

Let's jump right into this workout routine, it's so efficient because of a Tri-Angle Training Method.

This works three major muscles of the buttocks from multiple angles to:

RESHAPE AND REDUCE your hips and thighs, and melt away those stubborn saddlebags

TONE AND REDUCE your gluteal muscles to get you a perfectly round derriere

FIRM AND LIFT UP your behind so it looks great from every angle

LOSE WEIGHT with a 5 DVD workout set

It doesn't make a difference what your "booty type" is, the program has a personal booty-transformation program for you! Leandro combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and signature lower-body sculpting moves to help you go from droopy to dreamy and from saggy to sexy so you look divine from behind! He firmly believes that the key to fitness success is variety and consistency.

When you open your package from Leandro you will find 5 red hot workouts on 3 DVD's with his Tri-Angle Training method in each workout session.


Booty Makeover Guide

Fat Burning Foods

Traingle Training Workout Cards

Measurement Tracker Cards and Tape Measure


6 Day Supermodel Slim Down Plan

Strength Band

Bum Bum Rapido

Also Includes FREE Online Support

Fix Your Saggy Behind Here




"Leandro is just the best trainer for my butt—and for my abs, and for everything else—but especially my butt! He came up with this whole workout just for my butt. He is the best."

—Alessandra Ambrosio


6 day supermodel slimdown



"I lost 28.5 pounds, 4.5 inches off my hips, and 5 inches off my thighs. Cellulite's gone! No more saddlebags!" —Joanna B


booty makeover guide





No more cellulite! No more dimples! You get a whole new bum. Mine's actually sculpted and toned—and I feel so much better." —Carolyn B




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So, you are interested in learning about how to workout to dance music. This set is easy to purchase.

Leandro Carvalho created the program, he started out as a dancer in South America for several dance companies while getting his education out of the way. He received his University degree in physical education from UFMG. He received an opportunity to go to New York to dance. While in New York he continued his education, earning almost every personal-training certification that one can have from the AFFA, AEA, ACE and Pilates. Leandro also has extensive Yoga training and continues to further his education every chance he gets.

Mr. Carvalho was named the Best Fitness Class in New York in New York magazine’s ‘Best Of’ issue. He receive rave reviews for his 2 DVD programs.

  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • Brazilian Tummy Tuck 

Leandro is training the Victoria's Secret Angels as they prepare for various photo shoots and for the CBS “Victoria's Secret fashion show”. Leandro has been featured in numerous television shows like New York’s WB11’s morning fitness segment, Fox 5, the Today show, E!.

Just following this program for 2 – 3 weeks should give you a good amount of evidence that this program is the real deal and works. You will see that you are firmer, toned, lifted as well as having more energy to go live your life the way you want to. If you would like to leave a testimony about your results please tell us your story here.

Remember that Leandros Lift program has 24 hour online support for any questions, they can be small questions, it doesn't matter. You get to meet other users of this program on his online community. Oh yeah just a reminder his DVD's come in Spanish and English as well as having DVDs with subtitles. No matter who you are a butt lift is available for you.


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