Getting Past the Point of No Return!

healthy eating planWatching what you eat is a pain in the neck, to put it politely. No one wants to count calories or look at portion size, it feels awkward and tedious, not to mention unsatisfying. Getting past the point of no return, means you have emotionally accepted that healthy eating is part of your lifestyle. For some that takes a very short amount of time, for others it can feel like forever. I know myself it becomes a battle of will for me.

Take for example the sugar I love to put in my coffee in the morning. I know sugar is not good for me, it doesn't nourish my body at all, in fact it hurts my body, but it taste so good. I have compromised, I now use Domino Lite which is a blend of sugar and stevia, half the bad stuff and half the calories! I am comfortable making that compromise, maybe in the future I will be able to just use stevia as a sweetener. Even though I do eat sugar I am still committed to a healthy eating plan.

I make up a weekly meal plan so I have more options available to me. I am cooking for a family as well as myself so I have to have foods that we all like. I do use the grocery ads to help jiggle my brain as to what I want to eat this coming week. Of course we have our favorites that are repeated.

My healthy meal plan tips would be:

  • Use smaller dinner plates
  • Fill up half your plate with colorful vegetables
  • Lean proteins and beans are a must
  • Fruits as desserts – you can make them into so really nice desserts
  • Planned snacks – yes we all need them
  • Nuts – energies best friend
  • Dairy products – use low fat ones – or switch to dairy alternatives such as soy or almond milk
  • Grains – I discovered spelt, quinoa, brown rice and bulgar,
  • Stay away from white foods – potato’s, white bread, white sugar etc.
  • Drink lots of clean water

I could go on and on with the different ideas that I put together to get me over the hump of healthy eating, but my favorite tip is find out what you like then use it. Expand on the food variety, try it as a replacement in recipes.

The worse thing that can happen is you don’t like and you try something different. Give yourself permission to not like and trash it. Most of us have a hard time throwing away food but when trying something new don’t eat if you don’t like it.

Get past the point of no return by trying different foods and experimenting with them. Stretch your diet to include healthy foods in a healthy eating plan. You won't regret the struggle.






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Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Guide Informationbrazil butt lift reviews

Some people are emailing me with questions about what is in the workout kit, well here is the breakdown. Every package is the same. It is pretty robust with information and support. The materials are quality, I haven't had any problems with them. The material is very easy to understand. You don't need a college degree to try and decifer how the program works! There is a money back guarentee. This program also has commercials on at night and on the weekends if you want to see the program in action.

You won't need a bunch of equipment to workout, you only need sneakers to to do the program. If you want to punch it up a notch you can use free weights and ankle weights, but its not required.

Kit Breakdown:

  • 3 DVD

Brazil Butt Lift Here






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How to Tone Your Bum And Bellybumm exercises

When you think about how to tone your bum and belly, your liver doesn't come to your mind does it? Well, thats what we are talking today, livers!

How do we help our body get rid of extra fat? We are doing our bumm exercises!

We are now following Brazil Buttt Lift with the adorable Leandro and watching what kinds of foods we are eating.

What's left? What's left is your liver. This organ is the biggest, it's on your right side sorta under your ribcage near and over your stomach.

This organ you can't live without, it is your bodies filter. It filters out all kinds of junk you consume plus all the toxic stuff we come in contact with.

When you were younger most likely your liver was pretty clean and healthy, you hadn't been exposed to cigarette smoke or alcohol. Most of us as kids didn't eat a high fat diet and we had to finish our vegetables!

Your liver keeps accumulating all the gunk you are exposed to PLUS it filters fat and cholestrol in your body. If you help your liver filter better, you help your bum and belly slim down faster.

How to Liver Detox

Dr. Oz has a 48 hour cleanse, this works well, it has food incorporated with the detox that helps you feel satisfied longer.

Once you have detoxified your liver you will feel better and can incoraporate that into your wellness plans.

As you continue to workout with Leandro you will start to notice your bum and belly toning up fast. Make sure you follow the bumm exercises and tummy exercises in a controlled manner. Rushing through them or not having good form makes toning go a bit slower. Not what we are looking for.

Okay off we go, detoxing and toning!






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Summer Funtoning your body

I am talking about summer because it's almost here and toning my body is important for the summer.  Summer is not my favorite time of the year, I don't get tan, I burn and I hate shedding my fall and winter clothes!

How is that for direct!

I don't like bathing suits, I never had a great like for them, but before kids I didn't mind them as much. Now I just cringe when I think of pool and beach season. You see I carried twins and I have the horrible DNA that allows huge stretch marks to happen. I have been in a one piece suit since 2000. Too make matters worse the stretch marks run to the top of my thighs not allowing for a high cut at all!

It's important to me that I have as much tone on this body of mine as possible and with this brazil butt lift program I am achieving more of it then I've had before. My arms and back are less jiggly allowing me to maybe bare more of my back.

toning your bodyHmm could be a nice thought for this summer, a tankini with less back, of course the bottom will be skirted…:) Try to put a program together that you can workout to at least 4 – 5 days a week, you will see toning of your body by the summer!





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Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Resultbraziliam bitt lift workout results


Women looking to tone and sculpt their butts will see amazing results from the Brazilian Buttlift workout program.

Swimsuit season is almost here, we are all looking for ways to tone up and feel comfortable shedding our winter skins.

The Brazilian lift program incorporates many different muscles through the buttocks, which help to shape, lift, and firm the overall appearance of women's butts. When working together with the butt lift program, it is important to work the major muscles of the butt in order to see results fast.

The gluteaus maximus, medius, and minimus are all used when doing the Brazilian lift workout routine. By working all of these muscles, it shapes and lifts butts nicely without adding any extra weight to thighs or other areas of the body. Another post talks about these three muscles.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Results

Results can be seen through this program when following the routine to a tee. The workout program combines dance, cardio, and strength training to give the best results in the littlest amount of time. Not only do butts get shaped through this routine, but many users notice drastic results in their weight loss and tone other areas of their bodies as well, including abdominal muscles.

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when looking to achieve the perfect booty. Those that have been through pregnancy, excessive weight loss or weight gain, aging, or simply due to genetics, may have an interest in shaping their butt. Losing weight in the butt area is not a lost cause. Many users see Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Results within a few days of first beginning the program.

Getting Started with Brazilian Butt Lifts

Leandro Carvalho is the creator behind this workout program. Targeted towards women, Leandro wanted to give them a fast, fun, and effective way to tone and sculpt their behinds. The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout program can be ordered online in DVD format. There are three DVDs that each combines a number of different exercises that are known to tone bodies and butts. Tummy tucks cardio axe, bum bum, and high and tight are just a few exercise routines that will be done throughout the program.

Members of the program also receive a booty makeover guide, fat burning food guide, workout cards, and tape measure. All users of the buttlift program can take advantage of 24/7 online support when they need it. Through the online community, users can chat with fitness experts and meet other people who are participating in the workout program as well.




P.S.Using this workout together with friends is a great way to keep the momentum going when you wake up not in the mood for exercise. Brazilian butt lift workout results are made by using this fun energized program consistently, so get out there and energize!

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How to Tone Your Thighs with Dance


Have been wondering how to tone your thighs, firm up your buttocks or tighten your stomach area without participating in exercise that you hate? Then, you should try the new fitness craze that has been gaining participants at a rapid pace.

This new workout features Brazil style dancing which burns a ton of calories for users and works all the areas of the body. This type of exercise does not even feel like a workout.brazil butt lift

People who try this form of fitness are amazed at the results that they see. This workout is designed for individuals who need to tone flabby areas of their body.

When participants try to get a brazil but lift through Brazilian dance they have fun which makes them more likely to keep coming back to the workout.

As a result, users get the toning and cardiovascular benefits of the workout through repeated use.

The method that is incorporated into this workout combines dance moves with toning exercises to target problem areas and burn fat. Leandro the creator of this program calls it his Tri-Angle Training using the three parts of the butt muscle. There are many exercises for the thighs and buttocks which can add unwanted bulk to these areas.

For this reason, users must be careful with exercise programs that they choose. However, brazil dance is different from these other methods. The major areas of the body are focused on when participants perform this exercise through moves that incorporate various angles throughout the workout. The result of these angles lifts the backside and gives users the lean look that they have been desiring. These bum exercises do not bulk you up, you wind up with a long slender looking muscle.

Brazilian dance is the perfect way for individuals to get physical activity and it provides the user with benefits that are essential to health and well being.

Participants are surprised that they are able to get rid of unwanted body fat through an activity that is fun.

Get Your Lift

The Brazilian music is upbeat and will put users in a positive mood. Users will feel so good and be motivated to continue working out once they see they can get the results that they want. There is no need for people to perform exercises that feel like a chore or cause undesirable results to the participants. This form of physical activity will inspire participants to push themselves at their own pace when they are ready to do so. Participants will feel that their body has had a great workout when it is over yet they had so much fun that the time went by very fast.

Toning your thighs has never been so much fun or so easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Tone Your Thighs




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Working Out my Stomach

I can't believe how much my stomach muscles hurt. Just leaning back in a chair and stretching the top stomach muscles feels so great, because they are so tight. I know this is working, I haven't been working out like crazy because I have a job and kids, but I have been working out. I have managed to walk at least five times a week and do the dvds at least everyother day. I feel great!

If it's this easy to feel great I should have been doing this a long time ago!

Enjoy the spring everybody!



Brazil Butt LiftHow To Reduce Your Butt


A woman’s butt is among the most seductive parts of her body. Denise Austin often says in her TV workouts, when she gets to a buttocks exercise, “Look fabulous in those jeans” and “That’s the last part of your body that leaves the room.” And the manufacturers of many types of pants— and most especially of jeans— have made them so that they outline the contour of the buttocks.

In general, the female carries more fat in her buttocks than the male does. But too much fat in that part of the body, as elsewhere, can make her look unattractive, even ugly— and it is bad for her health, too. This article will be about how to reduce butt. Some of them require exercise equipment; others can be done with just your own body.

One of the top ten butt reduction exercises is the squat.

  • This exercise makes for a “lean quality” muscle in addition to reducing butt.
  • It requires the use of a barbell, which you place just behind your neck, with the distance between your hands greater than your shoulder width and your feet pointing outward— again, slightly farther apart than your shoulder width.
  • Bend your knees, keeping your back straight and looking straight ahead. Do not bounce when you reach the lowest point.
  • A variety of this exercise is the wall squat, which is especially good for pregnant women; here, instead of using a barbell, you press your back against the wall.
  • Inhale on the down motion and exhale on the up motion.
  • This motion should be repeated ten to twelve times.

Two other exercises are called “kickbacks.” They are the “one- legged cable” and the “gluteus” kickbacks. The former is performed with the ankle in a cable and lying on your stomach, bending and straightening the leg; then switch and do the other leg. The latter needs no special equipment; you just get down on your hands and knees, with the legs perpendicular to the floor. Bring alternating legs up and towards the buttocks.brazillian but lift

The hamstring curl is also especially good for women. It requires a leg curl machine, which you lie face down on, feet hooked onto the padded levers, and bring each leg forward and back.

But perhaps the best of all exercises to help reduce your butt is the one called the Brazil butt lift. Developed by Brazilian soccer player Leandro Carvalho, nicknamed the “Buttlifter,” this routine is featured on a DVD containing six workouts, each targeting one of the three buttocks muscles (maximus, medius, and minimus) that can be purchased at many sites.

Many of the top supermodels, including Alessandra Ambrosio, have purchased and used this workout— with astounding results!

And if you decide to get it, you will too— though it may be a week before they become visible.


Brazil Butt Lift DVD's Here

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booty makeover guideWalking Workout

I am going to touch on the subject of walking. Since I started using the Brazil Butt Lift program, I wanted to really jumpstart my weight lose and the feeling of having more energy.

I started walking on days that I didn't use the program. I honestly feel better, I can do the workouts longer, which will help me look younger and hotter sooner.

So If you can put walking into the mix you might feel a positive difference. I was sore in the beginning of the program and now it's not so bad when I finishthe dvd. I think because I was walking I kept my energy level up and my metabolism didn't dip on the days that I didn't use the dvds.

So far I have lost 5 lbs. I can honestly say I feel great! I have more energy and don't feel like I am going to fall over after I walk once around the block.

I have modified what I eat a little bit. I am not eating much sugary stuff or empty calories. So far I don't feel deprived.


Till later.



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booty makeover guideMuscle Sculpting

Well, I have done the sculpting portion of the Brazil butt Lift…I like it. This portion is a bit slower and more controlled. My muscles knew they were being worked and it felt good. I can see how this portion of the program will tighten and define your muscles over time.

I have been doing the cardio which is a butt buster. I will say if you are over 40, it might be a bit taxing on your knees, especially if you did hard aerobics in college. I have not reached the next level yet because of that. I still have more weight to lose and don't want to hurt anything. :)  

I still believe in this program. It's still fun and I am still looking forward to working out with it.

This is the first year I feel confident to say, "Bring on summer"! 

See you later.