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Breast Exercises will enhance the tone and lift of muscles around your bust, giving you a slight lift. When you keep the muscles around your shoulders and upper rib cage firm and tight you create good support for your chest.

If you're looking to increase your bust size, exercising will not help you. You will feel better and look better in your clothes, but you will not grow a size.

Sometimes a good underwire bra will do the trick. If you have to have a bigger cup size then breast enlargement surgery might be something you choose to look into.

Some exercises used to enhance your bust line are butterfly, bench press, pushups and planking.

  • Planking is an excellent core muscle builder. This one gives strength to muscles that hold your frame together.
  • Pushups build upper arm, pectoral, back and shoulder muscles. Keeping them tight and toned helps your posture. Holding your shoulders straight and opening your rib cage gives your breasts an uplifted look. For  something a bit different try doing  modified push-ups. Lie on the floor face down, then raise yourself using your arms and extend as far as you can. Repeat 10 times.
  • Do bench press exercises. Set the bench at a 50 degree incline position. Using a long bar with some weights you can handle, try to lower down the bar to about an inch from your chest and then push back. This  helps firm up the bust. You build muscle.
  • Butterfly's can be on a machine or by holding weights in hand. This helps your back and pec muscles. To do this without a machine and at home follow this: Lie on the floor with both arms stretched out to your sides. Use 2-3 lbs. weights on each hand. Lift both arms and have them meet together in front of your face, making a "V" form. Do 10-15 times.

genetic code


Your family genetic code has something to do with how large or firm your chest size will be. Take a look at your older generation and make some lifestyle adjustments. Better diet to help skin elasticity and staying a healthy weight will help your body with stretch marks and sagging, those two decisions go a long way to healthy breast tissue. Some recommend sleeping with a soft bra to hold breast tissue.

Healthy eating is a huge one! Eat foods known for helping skin keep its firmness. High antioxidant foods will help your body age slower overall.

I hope these tips help you achieve your fitness goals.






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