How to Tone Your Bum And Bellybumm exercises

When you think about how to tone your bum and belly, your liver doesn't come to your mind does it? Well, thats what we are talking today, livers!

How do we help our body get rid of extra fat? We are doing our bumm exercises!

We are now following Brazil Buttt Lift with the adorable Leandro and watching what kinds of foods we are eating.

What's left? What's left is your liver. This organ is the biggest, it's on your right side sorta under your ribcage near and over your stomach.

This organ you can't live without, it is your bodies filter. It filters out all kinds of junk you consume plus all the toxic stuff we come in contact with.

When you were younger most likely your liver was pretty clean and healthy, you hadn't been exposed to cigarette smoke or alcohol. Most of us as kids didn't eat a high fat diet and we had to finish our vegetables!

Your liver keeps accumulating all the gunk you are exposed to PLUS it filters fat and cholestrol in your body. If you help your liver filter better, you help your bum and belly slim down faster.

How to Liver Detox

Dr. Oz has a 48 hour cleanse, this works well, it has food incorporated with the detox that helps you feel satisfied longer.

Once you have detoxified your liver you will feel better and can incoraporate that into your wellness plans.

As you continue to workout with Leandro you will start to notice your bum and belly toning up fast. Make sure you follow the bumm exercises and tummy exercises in a controlled manner. Rushing through them or not having good form makes toning go a bit slower. Not what we are looking for.

Okay off we go, detoxing and toning!






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