Cardio Axe – The Stuff I Wanna Be Made Of

booty makeover guideHoly Smokes! I did the Cardio Axe and the High & Tight today.

Let me clarify I did 15 minutes of Cardio axe and I am feeling it! When my body wouldn't do another motion, I switched gears and did the High & Tight floor with band set.  The combination of these two is actually a great workout. Now, I need to build up stamina to be able to do the whole 45 minutes of it. Some of the cardio motions are going to take practice but when I lose my place I just do what they call the Brazilian march until I can pick it up in place again.

The workout I did  was 30 minutes and the tops of my thighs are feeling it plus my hips, butt and waist actually feel pulled in. I still am amazed.

Now its closer to dinner and its Friday, we would normally have pizza the easy I don't have to cook meal. But I'm thinking I'm going to run to the store and pick up already cooked salmon from the case for myself, I feel good and want to continue this feeling today.

Oh yeah just to let you know I am doing the Slim and Lift – Too Big solution out of the Booty Makeover guide. I have a bit too much fluff all over so I think that one will help get rid of the fluff.

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