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I am going to touch on the subject of walking. Since I started using the Brazil Butt Lift program, I wanted to really jumpstart my weight lose and the feeling of having more energy.

I started walking on days that I didn't use the program. I honestly feel better, I can do the workouts longer, which will help me look younger and hotter sooner.

So If you can put walking into the mix you might feel a positive difference. I was sore in the beginning of the program and now it's not so bad when I finishthe dvd. I think because I was walking I kept my energy level up and my metabolism didn't dip on the days that I didn't use the dvds.

So far I have lost 5 lbs. I can honestly say I feel great! I have more energy and don't feel like I am going to fall over after I walk once around the block.

I have modified what I eat a little bit. I am not eating much sugary stuff or empty calories. So far I don't feel deprived.


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