booty makeover guideMuscle Sculpting

Well, I have done the sculpting portion of the Brazil butt Lift…I like it. This portion is a bit slower and more controlled. My muscles knew they were being worked and it felt good. I can see how this portion of the program will tighten and define your muscles over time.

I have been doing the cardio which is a butt buster. I will say if you are over 40, it might be a bit taxing on your knees, especially if you did hard aerobics in college. I have not reached the next level yet because of that. I still have more weight to lose and don't want to hurt anything. :)  

I still believe in this program. It's still fun and I am still looking forward to working out with it.

This is the first year I feel confident to say, "Bring on summer"! 

See you later.


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