What Sneakers Are You WearingRocking Sneakers

Television commercials keep hitting us where we feel it. Bright bold titles that shout, "No Extra Work Involved"!

Buy these shoes and you will walk your way to great legs and butt.

How would you like a 10 percent increase when working your calves and hamstrings or a 28 percent increase when toning your butt, all of that can be yours just by walking in fitness sneakers!

How can you resist that statement? Just walk around an' you exercise, tone and firm up your legs.

Hey, everyone wants great legs and a butt.

Well, I thought about buying a pair, but they cost a lot of money. So, I thought I would do a little research first.

No matter how you look at it,  $100 is a lot for a pair of shoes to walk around in, especially when repurchasing every 6 months.

As I was looking into the shoes and ways to help myself have a better figure I found some information I thought I would share.

A Little History

Did you know that these shoes came out as footwear for diabetes patients or people that were prone to ankle issues? They are made with a slight rocker bottom that creates instability, forcing your body to use other muscles that you wouldn't normally use.

Toning shoes are purposely unstable.  They are designed to facilitate sagittal plane motion, or motion from heel to toe.  By rounding the outsole in this direction, the foot and lower leg are “rocked” forward as weight is transferred from heel to toe during gait.  Because of this rocking motion, the forces acting on joints are changed and muscles are activated to control some of the instability.

This makes your muscles work harder. If you do this all day long you experience some soreness that wearer's are talking about. You overuse muscles that aren't regularly used.

Scientists Weigh In

There have been a few studies done to help people make informed decisions regarding the claims that companies issue about the exercise, toning and fitness of your legs and butt when wearing rocker sole shoes.

One newer study performed at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, took 2 groups of a dozen women ages 19-24 and 21-27, had them execute a set of 5 minute intervals on a treadmill wearing either Sketcher Shape ups, MB7, Reebocks Easy Tone, Reinspire Shoes or traditional New Balance running shoes.

The study measured muscle usage in calve, hamstring, buttock, quads, ab and back muscles. An analysis was performed on the data collected from this study.

rocker sole shoesThe conclusion from Wisconsin – La Crosse  study was – there was NO significant difference in calories burned or muscle usage between the different types of shoes that were worn in the study. That percentage increase I talked about above doesn't exist per this study.

The advertising of these types of shoes gives the public a comfortable feeling about purchasing and wearing them. We all want to believe wearing a shoe can burn more calories or tone our legs and butt fast, with nothing more then walking around.

The shoe company's defend their position and cast doubt on the study results. The companies that manufacture the shoes are saying that the studies are too small and they still stand behind their products.

You decide!






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