Summer Funtoning your body

I am talking about summer because it's almost here and toning my body is important for the summer.  Summer is not my favorite time of the year, I don't get tan, I burn and I hate shedding my fall and winter clothes!

How is that for direct!

I don't like bathing suits, I never had a great like for them, but before kids I didn't mind them as much. Now I just cringe when I think of pool and beach season. You see I carried twins and I have the horrible DNA that allows huge stretch marks to happen. I have been in a one piece suit since 2000. Too make matters worse the stretch marks run to the top of my thighs not allowing for a high cut at all!

It's important to me that I have as much tone on this body of mine as possible and with this brazil butt lift program I am achieving more of it then I've had before. My arms and back are less jiggly allowing me to maybe bare more of my back.

toning your bodyHmm could be a nice thought for this summer, a tankini with less back, of course the bottom will be skirted…:) Try to put a program together that you can workout to at least 4 – 5 days a week, you will see toning of your body by the summer!





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