The Awful Truth

When you are told you need to lose weight by your doctor its bad enough, but when family and friends agree it's woman doctorhard to hear. Coming to terms with weight loss can take a little bit of time.

Taking a good hard look at your diet will help you. Get rid of soda and desserts.

Substitute fruit as your dessert or a non fat or low fat fun flavored yogurt.

Substitute soda with sparkling water or simply water with lemon slices.

Recipe: If a flavored drink is important to you, try home brewing some decaffeinated tea. I use three Whole Foods 365 black tea bags to 64 ounces of water. I boil the water and pour over tea bags. Let it steep for about 10 minutes then put the whole thing in the refrigerator. This way the tea is strong tasting and I can squeeze lemon or orange into it.

I would stay away from diet soda as it can cause  bloating.
Tip: Lemon helps support your liver which helps regulate your metabolism. Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to your daily diet, this helps speed up metabolism. Use this on salads or in your water.

Just start off with these ideas, do them for 2 weeks and see how you feel.
Starting with this action will help you lose a few pounds.


As you work on losing weight make sure you reward yourself. You can set a dollar amount like getting my nails done or the cd you want. You can also pick one meal a week have a dessert that you love.


I make a list of desserts under 120 calories that I like. (dessert is the hardest food for me to let go) this way I always have a list of healthy options that I can still call dessert.

Coming to terms with having to lose weight can be difficult. Some of us know that we have to,  but ignore it. Others really don't see themselves as overweight. Body image  is so important to people. If you feel you fall into the category of not seeing yourself as you really are, I would look for a program to help get yourself started like Weight Watchers. They have a great reputation and a great personal program.




This brings us to the stressful word of EXERCISE. Yes, I did say it!

I know, I know, none of us want to hear it. But the truth is, the only way to take of weight and keep it off is exercise. If you exercise you burn more calories giving you a larger selections of foods. Now that sounds like a win to me!

If you have a larger amount of weight to lose make sure you take it slow and use common sense with exercise. Pain means stop, not push through it. Start with slow walking. Walking around the house or wherever you feel comfortable. Work your way up to 1/2 hour a day.

If you want to work out at home besides walking you can run or ride a bike. You can use a dance aerobic DVD set for cardio and variety.

Tip: Make sure to schedule one day off per week to give your muscles and metabolism a break. You pick the day. It's whatever works for you.

I hope I have given you some useful ideas to get you started. Its important to follow what your doctor says,  a healthy weight is a healthy body.





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